Friday, September 9, 2011

Making Old Things New

Painting. I hate it. I used to love picking colors and making the house look new again. Not anymore. It is PAINFUL. But I am getting older, and not in great shape. But when I look at the almost complete hallway (only the trim is left) and the livingroom that has new to us furniture, new paint on the walls and see how well it is shaping up, I like that. So it is worth every ache and pain that is coming our way. Dining room and kitchen are still on the agenda and I can't wait to get those done as well. Because then, something old will be new again.
We, too, can make ourselves new again. Each day is a beginning. We all have many beginnings in our lives. When we are born, it is the beginning of life. When we go to school for the first time, it is the beginning of independence, when we become Christians, we are new all over again.
There are also the beginnings that come from major unexpected changes. Chris was laid off from his job, but instead of it being an end, a same old thing, it became a new beginning. Starting school and creating a goal to complete an education that will serve as a new beginning again.
This will be a tough few months for him, there is no doubt. But then that first step, probably the biggest one will be complete. Then another beginning, and another ending that is really a beginning. Many things in life end, that is true, but those same things are beginnings if we choose to make them such.

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