Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Beginning

Life has a way of knocking you around a bit, doesn't it? That is what it has done in this house for sure. I was laid off in March 2010. Job hunting for a year and a half isn't much fun. Sadly, too many people are experiencing this same situation. Then on Thursday, my husband came home. SURPRISE! He got laid off. We have been married almost 26 years, and this is only the second time he has been without work in all that time.

Let me tell you about Chris. Physically he is a gorgeous man. Six foot one inch tall, under 200 pounds, slight middle age spread that only I know is there. Blond hair that lays perfect, one green eye, one brown eye. Built to perfection for me. Friends from high school still recognize him, he looks so young. Inside he is even more special. He is an awesome father, soon to be grandfather, and great husband. I didn't say perfect only because no one is, but most of the time he is. He is quiet and thoughtful, dry sense of humor, and the kindest man I have ever known. Quick learner, too. So it is even more hurtful that life throws these things at us.

We have raised our five kids (four boys and a girl) and our niece. Our oldest son is actually mine from a previous relationship, so in 26 years, Chris has been father to more than his own kids. He has worked hard, in the army, then on to many dead end jobs to pay the bills and put food on the table. The way society is structured today, it would have been easier to take the money from the government than work those jobs.

Talented, yes, very much so. Chris is the leader of a southern gospel trio, but he isn't a dictator (unlike his brother who thought he was the boss). He has a four octave range, plays guitar, works up the arrangements, and mediates when necessary. And there is so much more.

My point is that it seems that our life is proving that sometimes nice guys do finish last. Except...they don't. As hard as it is, we need to look to this as a new opportunity. A new beginning. We can sit around and moan and decry our circumstances and the situation, or we can move forward in a way that is good and exciting.

The challenge isn't in replacing a job, the challenge is in looking up, being positive and keeping our hope alive. Starting today, I am up for the challenge.

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